My ideal clients are impact-driven organizations and their CEOs. They typically have 100+ employees and are challenged to manifest sustained growth in the ever evolving industries of healthcare, tech and biotech. They need a shift in perspective, a broadening of networks and a redefining of what it means to be relational. They are in search of someone to disrupt their traditional, old school ways of thinking and bring a new outlook to their most complex challenges. The consulting services I offer commonly fall into four main categories:


Uniquely identifying untapped market segments and revenue targets in areas that have been overlooked or underutilized. Bringing a female perspective to traditionally male-dominated conversations around growth potential.


Bringing the importance of mindfulness and connection to CEOs and executive teams to shift their corporate culture and ultimately increase individual productivity, team performance and profit generation.


Assisting the adoption of mindful hiring practices that will decrease operational costs and time to target revenue. Helping organizations make diversity and inclusion a priority in the hiring and training process.


Educating and awakening CEOs to the notion of unconscious bias and the ways it may be hindering their organization. Developing strategies and shifts in mindsets that are inclusive for women and minorities.


a kaleidoscope effect
is created when you widen the
traditional corporate lens through
consciousness, connectivity and inclusion