about heather

heather j. macKenzie

consultant, connector + speaker

Heather is a consultant with 25 years of experience as a former healthcare executive who helps impact-driven organizations, start-ups and entrepreneurs find their true purpose, develop growth strategies, increase market presence and build key partnerships. She is currently engaged with SheEO, 10.10.10, Wisdom Tribe, CHANT and select tech and healthcare clients. With leadership experience in strategy, sales, relationship development, management and marketing at companies ranging from pre-revenue startups to industry giants such as General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble and Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), Heather brings fresh perspectives to her client’s biggest challenges.

Guided by intuition, she is passionate about changing the conversation around diversity, raising the vibration, making authentic connections with people and sharing her gifts. And she is committed to being a part of the greater solution
and giving people permission to live out their true purpose and highest good,
whatever that is.

As a keynote speaker, Heather inspires CEOs and leaders to examine their definition of success and create one that fulfills their purpose. She has a strong desire to share her personal story of tribulation, transformation and triumph to highlight the importance of connection and mindful living.

My Philosophy

As a consultant and connector, I strive to serve people in their quest to live out their purpose and achieve the highest level of success. I'm a firm believer that real growth begins when we allow mindfulness and conscious connectivity to become the foundation of the cultures we build, both personally and professionally.

Nothing is more important to me than the relationships we form in life. With each other and with ourselves. And I aim to show up authentically in those relationships through integrity and authenticity.

I believe in the value of diversity and inclusivity and that all beings deserve to be seen, heard, accepted and loved. And I believe we are all more alike than we are different.